We had visited this plane a few times before… but I had never art directed the trailer (and teaser)! (this was not my first rodeo… I worked on this project while simultaneously wrangling 17 other videos that I can’t discuss yet ;)). This is also our best selling set to date!


Our producer Jeff and I worked with the team at Axis Studios, who had also worked on the War of the Spark and Ikoria trailers, to bring this very ambitious story together. It has been the highlight of my career so far to have many many brainstorms and discussions with team Axis. It was amazing to meet people who are as incredibly focused on the details as I am, if not more. This dream collaboration allowed me to do the deepest dive into our characters, environments, stories and help curate it all! I gained invaluable experience working with the overseas crew, including overnight voice recording, acting and stunt motion captures, during quarantine no less! I’ve never been more tired AND determined in my life.


It hit #1 trending on YouTube 😉


Our teaser was executed by Realtime UK. It was a smaller endeavor than the trailer, all things considered, but I’m equally proud 🙂


In addition to these two major assets, I was also on board to art direct the teaser art and main key art. For the main key art, we were lucky enough to have Axis create the assets using the 3D characters and environments from the trailer. We definitely wanted to show Nahiri’s sinister side, as well as the signature jaw dropping Zendikar vista.

Animated by Jonathan Olabre

The teaser art was meant to showcase our Zendikar plane in an immersive, mesmerizing way. I reached out to Wit Olszewsky, who is an expert in creating animated 3D dioramas.