As an Senior Art Director at Wizards of the Coast I’ve contributed to the creation of trailers and marketing videos, commissioned many pieces of marketing art, managed advertising campaigns, directed photo and video shoots, as well as motion graphics.

Since transitioning into my art direction duties in earnest, I’ve developed efforts to nurture our designers’ creativity. I have found myself in a position to be able to support the designers no longer as someone they report to, but as a coach. It is a privilege to inspire my team and create new ways to market our games. My greatest goal is to continue to motivate the designers, as well as our business partners to experiment and improve their work.

Below you will find a curated gallery of projects showcasing my contributions.


Our team had made several attempts at re-designing Magic’s site navigation over the last few years. I believe the implementation of this redesign was due to a perfect storm of …

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This project brought me the pleasure of working in the same room with writers, R&D, marketing and designers in a purely creative environment. Leading up to this request, we all …

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