During my time at Wizards of the Coast, I’ve had the opportunity to work on the evolution of their web presence for several of their brands. The Magic site has gone through three incarnations in my residence. When I joined the web team, the redesign efforts had just begun. During my first year, my work consisted of a combination of maintenance of the first incarnation, while also creating comps for the redesign. After the redesign was achieved, we started working on a more robust version of it. Currently Magic’s site has a more modern look that allows a variety of content types to be supported, including animated artwork, parallax images, and a wide range of data organization widgets.

In early 2015, I was brought in to contribute to the redesigning efforts for the Wizards corporate site and the Avalon Hill brand. At that time, my responsibilities as the Senior Designer of the Interactive Marketing team were to help create new experiences for upcoming releases, including digital advertising, as well as improving existing experiences and finding ways for the site to better serve our brands’ needs.

As an Art Director, my job continues to include most of my previous responsibilities, as well as an increase in my involvement in advertising innovation, collaborating with the video team in script writing and concept creation, motion graphics direction, and researching and reporting on relevant design and technology trends. Another one of my roles is to be our Creative Director’s second, by managing Junior Designers, communicating with business partners, providing direction on many projects and style guides, assisting in the direction and production of photo and video shoots, running creative exploratory sessions, as well as creating and advising on UX.

Below you will find a curated gallery of projects that display my contributions so far.


In combination with our HR Photoshoot, we also took care of directing a video crew. My Creative Director and another Senior Designer were in charge of the testimonial crew. I …

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Our team had made several attempts at re-designing Magic’s site navigation over the last few years. I believe the implementation of this redesign was due to a perfect storm of …

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Our latest digital offering was about to become available via Closed Beta and we needed to create an experience that would help our users easily sign up and get all …

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This project brought me the pleasure of working in the same room with writers, R&D, marketing and designers in a purely creative environment. Leading up to this request, we all …

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