I have grown from a Digital Designer to an Art Director at Wizards of the Coast. My most recent contributions involve the creation of new advertising campaigns and social media activations, ideating branded content, directing on photo shoots, video shoots and motion graphics, writing design briefs, and commissioning marketing art. I’ve run creative exploratory sessions, created and advised on UX, as well as collaborated with the video team in script writing and concept creation.

I’m in a privileged position to inspire my team to create new ways to market our games. My greatest goal is to continue to motivate my designers to experiment and improve their work, as well as coaching them to grow and evolve by nourishing their strengths and working with them to discover new ones. I find it important to foster a collaborative environment where we all grow together and learn from each other.

Below you will find a curated gallery of projects that display my contributions so far.


In combination with our HR Photoshoot, we also took care of directing a video crew. My Creative Director and another Senior Designer were in charge of the testimonial crew. I …

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Our team had made several attempts at re-designing Magic’s site navigation over the last few years. I believe the implementation of this redesign was due to a perfect storm of …

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