This was the first campaign I ran independently from my former manager. After his departure I got to report to our VP and was surprised to find we were free to explore a lot more than before.


I pitched our VP the idea of engaging independent artists with solid backgrounds and social media followings that could double as influencers. I reached out to Bill Elis to create a major piece of marketing art for us featuring this set’s villain. Ashiok, the underworld and Bill Elis were a perfect match. The result was stunning.

In addition to Bill’s art we also had an ongoing contract with an agency to create key art for this and a few previous campaigns. Their piece would act as a teaser featuring the set’s well known heroine who was thought to be “dead”. My direction draw inspiration from Alien movies showing characters wading through the water, unable to see what horrors lurk beneath the surface. We wanted to also include a duality between good and evil as well, showing her reflecting shift from her own to Ashiok’s.

Animation by Myk Sanders

Peep it being used as the cover for the Ramin Djawadi track used in the trailer (OMG).


By this point we had been working hard to foster great relationships with our business partners in other teams. They started to count on us to ideate concepts for other activations outside paid media marketing. One of these projects was brainstorming types of social media activations that were themed after the set’s story. Our winning idea was a film festival.

Graphics by Adam Willson. Trophies by Melita Curphy.

One of the perks of participating in this festival was a chance to receive a few branded goodies, as well as a one of a kind trophy made by Melita Curphy, and art directed by yours truly 😉

Trophy sketches by Melita Curphy


We were also contacted by the PR team to design packaging, posters and a billboard for a rare collaboration with a local burger joint. This was a very unique project for me and my team. I ran an exploration involving all our designers. These were the final selections:

Designed by Adam Willson and Kelsey Johnston