This was one of the biggest campaigns I’ve had the opportunity to work on. In the beginning it involved concepting meetings with UX, producers and the creative director. After we settled on the goals and workflow of the campaign, I was able to move into the comp creation stage. I submitted my comps to our developing vendor using the look and feel for the set, which they were able to implement with our feedback. In the end the immersive experience employed a map with three locations. I selected art and content blocks to be used, assisted in the direction of all animations, directed the production of all graphics found in the experience, including cards, interstitials, buttons and symbols.

During the beginning of the campaign, the communications to our users were cryptic and vague to convey a sense of mystery to go with the set’s theme. We implemented a countdown clock that would tell our users when to come back to see the big reveals.

Our goals for the first part of the set was to create an immersive experience using the story and art as a lead. We also needed to create a connection to a live event where part of the reveals would be happening as well as provide a spot to feature the new hottest cards.

The three locations on the map reflected three escape rooms that would be unlocking over the course of a weekend on three different countries. The online experience was to provide our users outside of those cities with the ability to follow the progress of the reveals, the story, and the social media activity in one place. For the duration of the campaign, we used interstitials to guide traffic to where the action was, the moment new developments happened.


For the second installment of the set, we went through a more condensed version of the previous launch since the framework was already figured out. This time it was a matter of finding out Brand’s goals and how they wanted to reveal the story. Instead of having all our reveals go out on a single weekend, they would be spaced out over three weeks and they were coming in the shape of video episodes featuring an online celebrity and some of the creators of the set.

We implemented some changes to the structure of the experience, removed some of the friction points and provided a platform to shift most of the attention to the video reveals. This time my involvement included communicating the updates to our vendor, selecting the art, providing direction on animations and graphic production.