Personally Disordered was the title of my BFA show at the University of Texas at El Paso. It is usual for graduating seniors to have a gallery show displaying the work they achieved while at the University. My major was in Graphic design, while my minor was in Metalsmithing. It made sense for me to design a show in which both graphic design and metals supported each other, after all, this was true outside of the gallery as well. My metals work was heavily influenced by visual graphics and my graphic design work was always influenced by the same thought process behind the engineering in my metals work.

The ideas behind the jewelry pieces were the desire for control, the possibility to sometimes achieve it and the interference of chaos that will randomize everything at times. Some of the pieces were permanently fixed into organized chaos, while others were meant make perfect sense when completely still, only to wildly re-arrange when rotated.

The graphics were meant to display both controlled lines and seemingly randomized circles. The floor decals were placed underneath each of the pieces and showcased the jewelry being worn, as well as the titles and material information. During the event, the decals created a space around each piece. The guests could appreciate the work from a distance without running into them by accident.


Personal BFA show


Branding, exhibit and signage design