The most challenging and exciting part about Modern Horizons was when our Creative Director told me “there’s 50k to spend on extra ads to move the needle on this, so figure out what to do with it”.

I concepted a short list of ideas, pitched three to the team. It came down to two of them, the Live Action ad execution was the favorite. I selected a designer and the copywriter to help solidify the concept, which turned out to be a really great experience collaborating with those two. We were the perfect combination of brains and skills. Their creativity and very different perspectives helped shape the feeling and messaging for these ads. Together we were able to hash out the concept, pitch, re-work with feedback, pitch twice more and get it green-lit, all in a couple of days. We acquired a vendor the following week and we were shoot ready in two more weeks!

Modern Horizons was a set release that was intended for the already enfranchised super fans. We decided to make an ode to the super fan, whatever they love most about Magic, however they hype themselves up for the best cards…