For this campaign, I was in charge of kickoff, acquiring budget details, beats and specs for the ads needed. I planned out all ads, provided references, direction, feedback and approval to the designers. These included the new ad concepts, templatized ads, as well as direction on a few of the meme ads. I kept design assets on track, and coordinated with the copywriter to get the right messages done on time. On top of this, we also executed a series of five live action ads, which was a first for most of the people in our team (read more in the Modern Horizons Live Action Campaign section).

This campaign was a big surprise, given that we don’t usually spend much on advertising ancillary products, and this release was right between two major releases: War of the Spark and Magic 2020. The timeline was a great exercise in leveraging everybody’s key strengths, helping each other and keeping everyone motivated and positive.