(AKA the campaign with ALL the art commissions) This set release centered around a character in a viking world. Even before we started working on this set, I already had a list of artists lined up with all my creative crushes that could make this a badass campaign. Once it was confirmed that we would indeed make this into a metal set, I got the green light to reach out to my curated list. In the end I commissioned a total of nine pieces of marketing art. The reason for this was that we wanted to showcase a different piece of art per marketing beat, while having these pieces feel connected to each other, despite them being created by different artists.


I had been a fan of Marald’s work for a while. The fact that he used colored pencils to create incredible detail from dark backgrounds was stunning. It was an easy decision. The direction here was to create a teaser that didn’t show any of the main characters, but instead hinted at the turmoil to come. What we could show was the world tree, the world eating serpent, our epic sword and the viking ships in the sea as an omenpath is about to open.

Art by Marald


Rhys Cooper is synonymous with badass metal art. Considering that our Debut approach would focus on a metal concert style event, we created advertising, as well as influencer hype packages pointing to our event in the same concert style. To go with all these assets, I commissioned a triptych featuring our hero, our villain, and at the center, the source of their battle.

Art by Rhys Cooper. Animation by Jonathan Olabre.
Art by Rhys Cooper. Design by Kelsey Johnston.


This piece was the creation of Nekro XII. I had been fawning over the beautifully sculptural quality of his art, and I finally got a glimpse into his process. We wanted to showcase our villain, holding the most powerful weapon, and sitting casually with everyone’s fat on his hands.

Art by Nekro XII. Animation by Jonathan Olabre.


Anna Podedworna created a few other pieces of art for this set. But I have to say this one was my favorite :). She did an amazing job depicting our lead! We wanted to show Kaya bold and ready to face the threat stalking her.

Art by Anna Podedworna. Animation by Jonathan Olabre.


Last but not least, came five individual marketing pieces to release via social media at each of our global regions. We wanted to keep the same viking vibe from the rest of the marketing, without assigning a specific known character to each. So I went with an animal that would be found at each region: deer for Japan, jaguar for Latin America, mustang for North America, highland cattle for EU, and tiger for Asia Pacific.

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