Our HR shoot was one of the most different and intense processes we’ve achieved in our team. It required a different type of coordination from what we’re used to as visual designers. The prep work took weeks and we pulled off the shoot in a single day. I had the opportunity to wear many hats in a matter of hours. Since the shoot was spread out through four different floors of the company, we divided into three groups, and I got to be in charge of direction in my team. We kept a schedule and call time for each of our peers that would be featured in the shoot, and made sure to solve any problems that surfaced along the way. I made sure to communicate what each of the scenes was supposed to be to the photographers, as well as direct them on which angles would work best for the crops we would need. While on one scene, I would plan ahead for the next one and made sure we got as many of the angles we needed without running behind.

Overall, this has been one of the most enjoyable and exhausting work experiences so far. The sense of urgency and achieving as many good quality shots in a pre-set amount of time, was a great combination.