This project brought me the pleasure of working in the same room with writers, R&D, marketing and designers in a purely creative environment. Leading up to this request, we all got in a room once a week to brainstorm and assess what we all knew about our customers and their relationship to Magic. The goal was to create a campaign that would entice gamers to try Magic Duels (Magic‘s digital game). The campaign was aimed at new and enfranchised players of the card game, as well as those who used to play way back in the day.

In the end we reached the conclusion to do three approaches that addressed the topics such as places (users can play anywhere on their favorite device), creatures (featuring a variety of impressive characters), and nostalgia (showcasing battlefield classics and their updated forms).

In the end I was in charge of giving the execution a first shot. I came up with the idea of using the line “Let’s play Magic!” as a text from a friend, which we used to convey the option to play with friends. I went over a few versions with my Creative Director and settled on a few (below). These were used as base models for our junior designer to create variations under my direction.

dads01 dads02 dads05